47: Being at peace with others (even if they treat you badly)

Welcome to another episode of the Find Your Voice podcast! In this unique episode, our host Freya sits down for a heartfelt conversation with Cliff Ravenscraft, a seasoned coach and a close friend. They delve into the complexities of being at peace with others, especially when it requires significant mindset shifts. Join us as they explore personal stories, challenging relationships, and transformative insights that can help you foster peace and acceptance in your interactions.



  • [00:02:59] Personal Challenges: Cliff shares his deeply personal journey with his biological father, a drug addict and alcoholic, and how he reframed his perception to find peace.
  • [00:08:04] Mindset Shifts: Discussion on the importance of reframing thoughts and beliefs to change one's future and improve relationships.
  • [00:18:49] Acceptance and Boundaries: Insights on setting boundaries without needing validation from others and the importance of accepting people as they are.
  • [00:28:18] Emotional Responsibility: Understanding that our suffering often stems from our thoughts about a person or situation, rather than the person or situation itself.
  • [00:39:31] Parenting Insights: Both Freya and Cliff share their experiences and philosophies on raising children, emphasizing respect, open communication, and the importance of allowing children to make their own decisions.
  • [00:55:56] The Four Agreements: Reference to Don Miguel Ruiz’s book "The Four Agreements," discussing its principles and their application in daily life.
  • [00:57:10] Practical Advice: Practical steps and thought processes for managing difficult relationships and fostering peace in unavoidable interactions.


Where to Find Cliff

- Website: https://www.cliffravenscraft.com


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