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Learn How To Truly Connect With Your Audience To Deliver A LIFE CHANGING Message

Do you love podcasting, vlogging, or speaking, but dislike the sound of your voice – maybe you feel it is squeaky or weak or too soft?
Do you worry that you might lose your audience with a speaking pace that is too fast? Or bore them with a too-slow monotone?
Do you suffer from repeated hoarseness – and worry that you’re not using your voice in a healthy way, possibly even harming yourself physically?
Are you evoking the right response from your audience – to feel a specific emotion, to join a movement, to invest in a product?
And most importantly, is your voice representing your most authentic “you” and what you stand for?


If any of these feel familiar, then you know that your voice is important. Your voice is not just a tool for communication. The way you use your voice will determine how your audience connects with you – or doesn’t! They will decide whether to trust you and whether you have credibility based on your voice.
As a voice and stage expert for more than 30 years, I can help you to reach your audience with your message in a more authentic and engaging way, overcome your voice challenges, and teach you to use your voice in a way that is healthy and safe and ensures that you can use it without limitations for the rest of your life.

In a small group, I will teach you:
• How to connect with your audience in an authentic way
• How to speak at the right pace so that your audience engages with you and "gets" your message
• How to overcome nervousness and stage or mic fright
• How to prepare before you speak
• What foods or drinks might interfere or have a positive effect on your voice
• Have more fun while podcasting, vlogging, and speaking in person
I will help you with to reach your full potential using your speaking and inner voice, no matter what your individual concerns might be. We will work through your issues and formulate a clear action plan to reach your goals. You will leave our session together with a renewed understanding of the importance of your voice and confident that you can achieve your goals with this greatest of personal assets!

My Background 
As A Voice & Stage Expert

I've been on stage my whole life (30 plus years), not only as a singer, but also as a moderator and speaker. I've sung and spoken in front of audiences of 3000 people in operas, musical theater shows, and as part of big events, galas, TV and radio shows, both live and recorded. I'm trained both as an actor and as a singer.

I've done voice over for video games and commercials.

I've been the stage director for musical theatre shows for several years, also providing speaking and acting training for singers and non-singers.

I've recorded and published more than a hundred podcast shows, and have been the guest on various other podcasts, such as the „Speaking Your Brand“ podcast, where I provided tips and exercises for public speakers and podcasters. I've also been the translator and guide for travellers in the South Pacific, the Mediterranean, and throughout Europe. I have published more than 500 videos on Youtube, giving vocal advice. My videos have been watched more than 3 million times by now.

Let me help you discover the greatness of your voice!

The "Find Your Voice" Mastermind

What to expect:





Encouragement to Take Action

Weekly Group Meetings

Gaining Confidence To Be In Front Of Your Audience

Finding Your Inner And Outer Voice To Speak Your Message

Feeling Great About Just Being Yourself


What Others Say...

I have always had a gravely voice, and for the past 20-30 years, I’ve struggled with hoarseness and a chronic dry cough. Because I am a consultant and speaker, I need my voice to be in top shape for me to be at my best. After working with an ear, nose, and throat specialist and a gastroenterologist, I ended up working with a speech therapist, which helped, but at a huge financial cost, and only addressing my strained vocal chords.
After seeing and hearing me speak on group video calls a few times, and knowing nothing about my vocal background, she told me what she saw and heard — precisely what my speech therapist had said! Only she took it a step further. Not only did she reinforce some of the exercises given to me by the speech therapist that  I had been neglecting, she coached me beyond my vocal chords.
As a speaker — and now that I’m starting a podcast -- I need to make a connection with my audience. My voice, when used well, is a powerful way to accomplish that, as Freya pointed out. She very clearly described and demonstrated actionable ways to improve the dynamics of my voice AND keep it from getting hoarse or strained. From physical exercises to my mental game, Freya’s coaching is resulting in improvements in all aspects of my life — professional AND personal.
As a trained and experienced actor and singer, Freya has an amazing amount of knowledge to share. Even better, she has the experience to know what works and what doesn’t. Through her own journey and her work with and direction of hundreds of actors, singers, and voice performers of all types, Freya has the professional chops take anyone’s vocal abilities to the next level.
Best of all, Freya is a true advisor, coach, and mentor — kind, caring, and generous, while being direct with feedback and suggestions for improvement. She tells it like it is and then takes you by the hand to support your achievement to the next step in your journey. My clients are battling content roadblocks — especially around video — and I recommend Freya to my clients who need to find their own voice and confidence and who want to learn how to make that crucial connection with their audiences using their voice.
Andrea Ames, Consultant & Speaker

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